Skazhenik Dmitri

Skazhenik Dmitri

born in 1970

tenor, chief of orchestra

The music college by the Saint-Petersburg conservatory named after N.Rimsky-Korsakov, department of choir-masters and chorus.

Artist of the conductor’s chorus directed by Alexander Vereshagin.

Artist of the chorus directed by Boris Abalian.

Artist of the Leningrad Military District Song and Dance Ensemble (while doing military service in the Soviet Army).

Artist of the chorus “Lege artis”.

Artist of concert jazz ensemble Digest.

Artist at the “The Spring of Music” Festival, “The Singing World” Festival, in The Youth Chamber Choir directed by Julia Khutoretskaya, in the Nevsky Style Ensemble, in the Archiglas Emsemble.

Conductor of the ensemble “Cyrillic”.